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Experienced Skip Tracers Wanted

Find John Doe is a nationwide leader in providing Skip Tracing services to some of the largest automotive financial institutions in the United States.  We locate customers that financial institutions have lost touch with for weeks, months, or years. It's called Skip Tracing, and if you're good at it, we should talk.
We're seeking Full Time,  experienced Skip Tracers to work a variety of full-time, 40 hour a week shifts in our state of the art El Dorado Hills location. The ideal candidate for our company will possess the ability,  and the related job experience,  to work a queue of 75-125 skip accounts in an expeditious and efficient manner.
The combination of your hourly wage and an incentive laden commission structure, plus our years of experience in developing a solid client base, plus a friendly work environment, will guarantee top performers can earn wages equal or greater than they can attain at our competitors shops, or in related industries.
After your 90 day probation period we offer Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance benefits, at our expense, to all our full time employees. As our company grows, so will our benefits plan.
If you can multi task,  you're inquisitive, and if you are a results-driven person, we have a good career opportunity for you.
Unfortunately, due to the difficult economic conditions, credit delinquency is on the rise.  As a result, the "No Contact" lists of delinquent customers within the portfolio of most financial institutions is growing,  possibly at a record pace. These are customers the bank has lost touch with.
At Find John Doe, we locate and resolve those accounts for the banks.
We do our best to locate these people in a professional, yet sensitive manner. As you can imagine, this is a growing industry.
Once we contact them, we listen to their situation and then we explain their options. More times than not, we get their full cooperation. We help them resolve what has obviously become an uncomfortable situation. Not many people enjoy playing a daily, all consuming, game of Cat and Mouse with a group of repo men and skip tracers.
In addition, our growth into a variety of other lines besides auto finance allows all of our employees an opportunity to participate in new, exciting, and potentially high profit ventures, making Find John Doe a great career opportunity.
An example of this is we are in the final stages of the development of our own proprietary software. We believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way finance companies, collection agencies and skip tracing companies locate people. If this software works as well as expected, it will open up additional career opportunities in sales, marketing, and training of the product.
We are looking for experienced people, specifically those who have successfully performed one or more of the following services: 
Are you tired of the grind of a lousy boss, working crummy accounts, and a company that talks the talk and doesn't walk the walk?
At Find John Doe, we value and appreciate our employees, and we provide a competitive, yet fun work environment. We have a variety of benefits that range from health and dental insurance, multiple employee recognition awards that range from the employee of the month award to the Lava Lamp award, performance based incentive plans, an annual summer picnic, client functions, an annual holiday function, and company betting pools where we get a little friendly action on everything from American Idol to the Olympics to the playoffs for every major sport.
Most important of all, we offer a fantastic work environment in beautiful El Dorado Hills, a great place to live and work. We all spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home, and there is no reason to not be working in the best environment possible. We are a fair company, an equal opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate against anyone, in any manner, from hiring to file distribution.
Due to the unfortunate economic climate, we are very busy, and getting busier every day. With that said, in the 26 years I've been in this industry, I've always been busy, which is a nice perk with the line of work we are in. In fact, I would say our biggest benefit is job stability. If the economy is up or down, we will be busy.
Our track record includes starting one of the first skip tracing companies in the auto finance industry in 1988, and we also started the first repossession management company in the US in 1994. By 1998, we were the largest repossession and skip tracing country in the US, selling those companies in 1999. Prior to the companies I mentioned above, I worked on the client side in management with Chrysler Financial and Mitsubishi Acceptance between 1982 through 1988.  I built Mitsubishi Acceptance Corporations first skip tracing department in 1987.
We started Find John Doe in 2006, and this is the seventh related business my wife and I have started in the auto finance and skip tracing industries in the past twenty years.
We are as interested in wanting to hire the right candidate as we are in making sure the right candidate wants to work for us. We have a very low turnover, and we want to keep it that way.
My name is John Lewis and I own the company with my wife. We are both actively involved in the day to day operations and are NOT absentee owners.  and have always had a passion for Skip Tracing. If its in your blood, you know what I mean.
Qualifications to work for our company include the ability to multi-task, excellent basic computer skills, a great phone voice, a POSITIVE personality, a professional work ethic, dependability, loyalty, and a thorough working knowledge of websites and protocol involving the use of public record and social websites to gain leads to help locate lost debtors. We also provide you access to the most up to date public records research sites that are not available to the public, and our state of the art phone system offers us a competitive advantage.
Ringers will have done this exact job before, or will have done a similar job where their experience translates into what we do.
We are not currently offering training positions, but we would consider the right candidate with some type of related experience, i.e. Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Degree, etc. 
We receive accounts from finance companies on people who are late on their payments, usually 90+ days. These people are usually avoiding the finance companies contact.  We develop leads to locate these people, we make calls, and we find them. Once they are located, we either advise our client of the location of the collateral and they assign the account for repossession, or they have us assign the account for repossession with one of our contracted vendors throughout the United States. We dont guess where a person lives, and we don't assume they live at an address just because their credit bureau says they live there, even if its the most recently reported address. We verify every locate with a confirmed source, unlike many of our competitors and clients. This gives us the credibility with our outside repossession agents throughout the United States to get them to work our deals in a diligent and efficient manner, unlike the deals they get from other Skip Guessing companies.
What we do is fairly complex, but we do our best to simplify the process.
If you can find a couple people a day, you can make decent money. If you can find several people a day, you can make close to, and possibly over, six figures a year.
You must work from our office- no telecommuting.
Interested candidates should send in their resume or work qualifications in an email to jlewis@FindJohnDoe.com. No calls please.




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