skip tracer (skip trey-ser)
an investigator whose job is to locate missing persons, esp. debtors.
An employee of FIND JOHN DOE who has successfully completed their training as a TRACER and has been promoted to SKIP TRACER based on their success.
—Related forms
skip [skip] verb, skipped, skip·ping, noun
–verb (used without object)
1. to pass from one point, thing, subject, etc., to another, disregarding or omitting what intervenes: He skipped through the town quickly.
2. to go away hastily and secretly; flee without notice.
–verb (used with object)
3. to pass over without reading, noting, acting, paying, etc.: He skipped the payments.
4. to miss or omit (one of a repeated series of rhythmic actions): My debtors all seem to be skipping.
5. to be absent from; avoid attendance at: to skip town.
6. Informal. to leave hastily and secretly or to flee from (a place): They skipped town.
7. Informal. a person who has absconded in order to avoid paying debts or meeting other financial responsibilities.
—Verb phrase
8. skip out on, Informal. to flee or abandon; desert: He skipped out on his wife and two children, and even his car payments.
[Origin: 1250–1300; (v.) ME skippen, perh. < ON skopa to run (cf. Icel skoppa to skip); (n.) late ME skyppe, deriv. of the v.]

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