"Reading the comments about the history of your business sure brought back memories. River City is an experience I will never forget. I always say I did not need a college degree - that River City gave me a degree in real life. I want to thank you for believing in me when I worked at your company. It was the best work experience I have ever had. I learned so much about people and human nature."

Debbie Smith Ledford
XRepo Mama


"It has been my distinct pleasure to have known John Lewis for over twenty years, first as one of my employees at Chrysler Financial Corporation, and later as one of our vendors through his recovery and skip tracing operation.

In my long association with John and his wife and business partner, Perla, I have found him to be honest, diligent, creative, imaginative and, above all, highly energetic. He possesses the true entrepreneurial spirit, which is motivated by dedication to state of the art technical support and an emphasis on the meeting of customer needs and requirements. His vast experience in the lending, collecting, recovery and location fields well qualify him to succeed in his newest venture."

Bob Cunneen
Retired Branch Manager, Chrysler Financial Corporation.


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done for me in the Sacramento area.  Through my 15 plus years in the auto industry, I really appreciate the repossession and skip tracing work you have done for me.  Whether it was as manager of the Sacramento branch for a large auto lender or at my own dealership, your skills and speed in locating skip customers was fantastic.
After using your company and services for many years for vehicle or customer locating, you never let me down.  Your work was quick, efficient and with an eye on the legality of finding individuals and vehicles.  Even with the “difficult” issues I have experienced over the years locating people, I always knew I could rely on your professionalism and concern for the banks needs and mine as a business owner.
Thank you again and please don’t hesitate to use my full recommendation of your services as you see necessary."
Todd M. Lutes
Dealership Principal and former Branch Manager


"I've known John Lewis for 14 years on a professional and personal level.  John and his companies were a preferred vendor for GMAC's Northern California operations and he assisted us with the locate and recovery of delinquent receivables.  His organization maintained the highest standards in its dealings with our clients and I would strongly recommend his services to any organization requiring a prompt and efficient solution to managing its current receivable portfolio.  On a personal level, John is an intelligent and resourceful businessman that maintains the highest integrity in his dealings with current and former clients.  His ability to integrate customer-centric solutions in his business model makes him a rare find in the industry."
Tim Hellman
Chevrolet Pontiac Buick
Formerly:  High Risk Manager-GMAC


"You are the King of Skip."

Robert Burke
Former Branch Manager Citifinancial, Transouth and Avco.
Former Credit Analyst / Account Rep Toyota Motor Credit


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